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𝓢tephie ⩰ ℒuminousdaze

Lost Season 4 Cast Promos

13 character promos from season four of Lost. Starting in 2008 on ABC!

Locke S4 Promo Lost

Kate S4 Promo Lost Locke S4 Promo Lost
Ben S4 Promo Lost Sawyer S4 Lost
Jack S4 Lost Hurley S4 Promo Lost
Juliet S4 Promo Lost Sayid S4 Promo
Sun S4 Promo Jin S4 Promo Lost
Michael S4 Lost Claire S4 Lost
Desmond S4 Lost

Credits: yonco @ celebutopia.net forums
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Ooh! Michael's back! Thanks for the pics! The ladies look gorgeous!
kate has put on weight?
how is it possible to put on weight when youre stranded?
lol. anyways, cant wait for the new season!
You're welcome!
Desmond!!! ♥
13 character promos from season four of Lost Starting in 2008 on ABC! Credits yonco @ celebutopiane